Author's Acknowledgments

Louis Moore Bacon deserves highest praise for honoring his grandfather, Louis T. Moore, in many large and small ways.

Ann Stevenson Colley was my right-hand person throughout the entire research and writing process.

Many people helped make this book possible. Beverly Tetterton, longtime local history librarian at the New Hanover County Public Library, has conserved and promoted Mr. Moore’s photographs for decades. Beverly’s assistant, Joseph Sheppard, toted heavy tomes of bound newspapers from the 1920s and 1930s for me, and unearthed obscure resources that proved valuable. The late Bill Reaves identified some of the photos. Ann Hewlett Hutteman compiled a catalogue of the roughly 1,000 Moore panoramics owned by the New Hanover County Public Library. Cape Fear Museum provided several additional photographs, as did the Historical Society of the Lower Cape Fear. Michael Whaley has been most helpful.

Thomas Martin scanned the pictures in 2001, and I have digitally enhanced most of them for this online 2010 edition. Book designer Jane Baldridge mixed artistry with technological expertise to produce the beautiful 2001 bound volume. I have followed her general layout while posting the book on

Suzanne Nash Ruffin, copy editor for the 2001 edition, deserves no blame for any typos that might arise in the online text. I am rewriting as I go, being careful to add new information and identifications, and to delete extraneous passages here and there.

I am indebted to Cathy Myerow, former director of the Historical Society of the Lower Cape Fear, and to Candace McGreevy, the present director.  I thank Elaine Blackmon Henson, Diane Cobb Cashman, the late Merle Chamberlain, Dr. James Rush Beeler, Lucy Ann Glover, Zee Reitblatt, Walter Knox, Connie Knox, and Martha Taylor.

This project afforded me time with two delightful ladies: Mr. Moore’s daughters, the late Florence Moore Dunn and Peggy Moore Perdew. Together, we reviewed all 1000 photographs and they provided insight, genealogical material, and much humor. Florence Dunn worked hard to obtain identifications for several pictures. Peggy Perdew, after making an exhaustive study of the text, offered helpful suggestions and additional information .

In addition, a large number of people and organizations provided me with identifications, information, or just a bit of insight concerning Mr. Moore and the photographs. I carried photocopies of the images around with me for months, always hoping to glean new IDs. The following people were patient sources: Kathy and Jack Dunn, Leslie N. Boney, Jr., W. Andrew Boney, Sue Boney Ives, Kenneth M. Sprunt, Eleanor Wright Beane, Jane Pope Akers Ridgway, Hugh MacRae II, Allan T. Strange, John D. Taylor, Bruce B. Cameron, Robert Bridgers, James L. Sprunt, Jr., Peter Browne Ruffin,  Steve Massengill, various individuals with the Wilmington Star NewsWilmington Journal, News and Observer, and Pender Post, Laurie Sandberg, David Harriss, Catherine M. Cameron, John J. Burney, Jr., Dr. Chris E. Fonvielle, Emma Trask Miars, Heide Trask,  George Clark, Walter E. Campbell, Christine Leahy, Anne Russell, Helen M. Willetts, Dottie H. Weathersbee, Robert Dobo, William Dobo, H. Mack Bell, Clara Bond Bell, Janet K. Seapker, Edward F. Turberg, Tony Mallette, Isabel James Lehto, Addie Nixon Dunlap, Bill Creasy, Susi Hamilton, D. Anthony Rivenbark, Samuel D. Bissette, Bess Smith, Katherine Rhett Fox, Katherine Harriss Byers, Susan S. Carson, Phil Mills, Josie Hookway, Joseph W. Taylor, Jr., Betty H. Taylor, James Stevens, Joe W. Whitted, Lillian Smith, Janice Kingoff, Barbara Marcroft, J. F. Newber, Jr., W. T. Hughes, Henry B. Rehder, John H. Debnam,  Jean McKoy Graham, Gleason Allen, Betty Jean Godwin, Karen Durso, W. Frank Ainslie, Cynthia Mack, Patricia Blanton, Donna Pope, John D. Robinson, Delmas Haskett, Anna Pennington, Joan Pendergraph, Claude Hill, Jr., Claude Hill III, Robert Hill, Bill Creasy, Betty Sherrill, Steve McAllister, Richard Andrews, Dr. Dallas Herring, Mary Anne Archbell, Rosalie Oliver, Robert Neale, Tom Sneeden, Bertha Register, Irene Nixon, Marilyn Pierce, Lawrence B. Lee, Vee Washburn Sanders, Harold Laing and Warren Sanders.

– Susan Taylor Block

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