Louis T. Moore was an intensely focused local historian and an impassioned champion of his hometown, Wilmington, North Carolina. The 1,000 photographs he took while serving as director of the Chamber of Commerce form a summary of life in a Southern coastal town in the 1920s and 30s: natural and architectural wonders, the hilarity of the Roaring 20s, stealth of Prohibition, tragedies of the Great Depression, and the creativity of rebuilding lives and livings.

Mr. Moore’s photographs are a vehicle to the past – a time machine that invites the passenger back, again and again. The ageless beauty of subjects like little girls in white dresses, pretty babies on the beach, and rippled water dappled in sunlight are merely mint in the julep.

The publishers and author of Wilmington Through the Lens of Louis T. Moore are pleased to present the second edition of the book in a format that broadcasts widely the sensitive work of the photographer and the subjects he celebrated.